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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Never let a good crisis go to waste" Rahm Emmanuel

I am no conspiracy theorists, but it seems carbon industry is under heavy assault lately and bearing the brunt of a lot of accidents. The responses to these accidents by our government paint a clear picture of how they see fossil fuels in America's future. A government interested in protecting and saving such an industry, a government keen on its importance to our economy and viability as a nation would respond in kind. A government that wishes the death of such industry is reveling in the bad P.R. and damage these accidents have cast. 

It's all perfectly timed to make the government appear to be impartial, even benevolent before the accident. It appeared this government was willing to open up more offshore drilling, then a change of heart prompted by such a disaster. Who could have expected such timing!!

Not much is said about the 11 who lost their lives on that platform. Not much is said about the effort that is being undertaken to contain this disaster. 

The Gulf shall not be forgotten and in November real oversight and investigation can begin into the negligence this government has engaged in purposefully to exploit a disaster all to advance a radical agenda and extend the crisis, so it not go to waste.

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